Rsqu Me Kit

Rsqu Me Kit

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Rsqu Me - Anti-Hair Fall Treatment Kit

  • Rsqu Me - Professional Treatment 6oz
  • Rsqu Me - Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo 6oz
  • Rsqu Me - Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner 6oz 

Rsqu Me leave-in treatment leaves hair feeling smooth and conditioned. RsquMe does not effect styling aids or weights hair down. It helps minimize hair fall and helps strengthen the hair follicle while nourishing the hair root. Used daily leads to increase volume, vibrance and bounce.

  • Thicker & fuller hair
  • Hair strengthening treatment
  • Minimize hair fall
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Refortify the hair structure at the root
  • Increase protein markers, keratin and collagen
  • Protects against visual effects of aging, thinning hair
  • Enhance healthy appearance of hair

How It Works