Terms & Conditions

Payment Authorization
I authorize Anagen Professional haircare to withdraw payment for my Platinum Club  order(s) from my credit card identified in this Agreement. Anagen Professional haircareis authorized to withdraw payment equal only to the amount of the products, applicable sales tax, and shipping and handling of products that I order, or the Platinum Customer orders I have selected. I have the right to have the amount of any erroneous withdrawal deposited into my account as soon as reasonably possible and upon proper notification to Anagen Pofessional haircarel. I shall holdharmless Anagen Pofessional haircarel for all special or consequential damages, whether direct or indirect, resulting from any wrongful debit to my account.

Platinum Clients Commitment
To qualify for 15% off retail pricing and free shipping on orders of $85 you commit to placing 3 or more orders of $85 including  your enrollment order. Your schedule dates for  your second and third shipments during enrollment. Your orders process on the days you designate, Platinum prices remain the same. You can contact Market Associate or Customer Service.

You can change your  Platinum Clients order selections, or the authorized amount at any time. You will receive an email reminder for the order, and that you can update it.

As a Platinum Client, you have the option of cancelling your account in the following circumstances:

  • Within 30-days of receiving your first order, provided you return the products received in the initial order. You must contact the Market Assc. & Customer Service before the second order has shipped.
  • Once you have completed three or more qualified* orders. A qualified order is $85 USD/ or more.
  • When upgrading to Market Assc. it is necessary to contact Market Assc. and Customer Service to upgrade and apply the $24.95USD Platinum  enrollment fee toward the Market Assc. start kit and cancel further Platinum orders.
  • If the Platinum cancels their enrollment in the Platinum Client Program prior to receiving three such shipments, the 15% discount and free shipping previously given to the Platinum may be recaptured through an automatic and pre-authorized charge to the Platinum s credit card. The Platinum membership fee in non-refundable.

Anagen Professional haircare Platinum Clients a 100% money-back, satisfaction guarantee (less shipping ) on all of its products for a period of 30-days of the product purchase price; product must be in resalable condition.

Shipping and sales tax
All orders of $85 or more ship free shipping while enrolled with an active Platinum Club Member Applicable sales taxes will be added to orders. When you place your order through the Shopping Cart. All orders are assessed a handling fee as follows: Orders under $85 or less— WILL BE TAXED AND A $1.00 handling USD.

Your Platinum Clients  payment authorization will remain active until you: by submitting a new signed Platinum Clients Agreement; (2) send, in writing, your cancellation t o Angen Professional haircare or by email or fax to Anage professional haircarel.com or 949 374-1503*

The Anagen Platinum Club program for Platinum's entitles you to 15% off  retail prices and free shipping on your orders. As a Platinum , you commit to a total of three orders.  Two more designated with deliver dates.  Your  first order process on the days you designate your other two orders at the same discounted price. You can customize and schedule your shipments at any time by contacting Market Associate.

* Notice must include your signature, printed name, address, and Platinum Clients Number