Platinum Club Member - Rewards

Platinum Club Member Rewards

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Each time a Platinum Club Member enrolls 3 additional people as Platinum Club Members, they qualify to receive Anagen Dollars Credits for personal product orders mixed and match to fit your haircare regain $85USD in redeemable product credits toward your regular, monthly auto-ship orders or future product purchases. And, as long as you keep 3 people active as Platinum Club Members you will receive the same $85 credit each month. Not redeemable in cash.

Qualify for Anagen Dollars 
Platinum Club members with a minimum monthly auto-ship product purchase of $85USD who have three personally sponsored Platinum Club members who also have a minimum product purchase of $85USD in the same month.

Earning Anagen Dollars
If you and at least 3 of your Platinum Club Members have an auto-ship order of at least $85USD in the same calendar month, you’ll receive $85USD Anagen Dollars you can use the following month.

Sign your friends up as Platinum Club Members:
1. Provide them with your Sponsoring
Platinum number, for them to submit in (Sponsor ID) to guarantee that you will receive the credits. If they need assistance, they can call Customer Service at (949) 374-1503.

2. They need to enroll themselves, since they will be asked to provide their personal data, including billing information.

3. Anagen Dollars will be awarded to you as your Platinums remain active with scheduled monthly auto-shipments of at least $85USD.

4. There is no limit as to how many Platinums you can achieve and there is no limit to how many Anagen Dollars you can earn. You may accumulate or spend your Anagen Dollars whenever you wish.

5. Use your Anagen Dollars to purchase any Anagen product as long as you direct those credits before your next autoship order is paid for.

6. When you and your 3 Platinums have a qualifying autoship in the same calendar month, you receive the Anagen Dollars. When that is not true, you do not receive the Anagen Dollars.

7. Contact Anagen Customer Service to redeem your Anagen Dollars.

8. If the credit card registered for the automatic autoship payments has expired, or is invalid, you will not earn Anagen Dollars for that month. You will not earn rewards until you fix the issue or use a different method of payment to cover the purchase.

9. You can only redeem your Anagen Dollars on product purchases; credits do not cover shipping costs or taxes.

10. If the purchase is $85USD or greater with an active autoship, you do not have to pay for shipping; However, if your order is less than $85USD,  you will be required to pay for shipping costs.

11. You are required to pay taxes on any products you purchase, whether using your credits or not.

12. Anagen Dollars will be available for redemption after the 15th of the following month.  For example, complete your Premium Rewards in August, but you will not see your earned credits until September 15th. The new earned credits the 15th of every month.

13. Anagen Dollars are money in your account. As long as you remain an active Platinum member or until you choose to redeem them. 

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